“Roof-top of the World” Ladakh

The word ‘Ladakh’ literally means the “Land of High Passes”. Often referred to as a mountain desert, it is one of the world’s highest & driest inhabited place. The word ‘height’ takes on a whole new meaning here…

Located in the Western Himalayas, Ladakh has to its south the state of Himachal Pradesh and to its west the Kashmir Valley. It shares international borders with China and Pakistan to its east and north respectively.  The frontier region was opened to international tourists in 1974. By the 1990s, Ladakh high on the wish list of many tourists including you & me. Sharing some pics describing beautiful Landscapes, Bird life, Wild life and some monuments…


2 thoughts on ““Roof-top of the World” Ladakh

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  1. Great shots! I especially like the hoopoe in flight–spectacular! We are headed there this summer to do some trekking and are debating what camera/lenses to take. We had been thinking of ditching the long lens, but your bird shots have got me thinking otherwise. Any advice?

  2. Carrying long lens is recommended…only thing u may have to carry them and mostly shooting condition will be hand-held so prepare yourself. What lens u are planning to carry?

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