The Game of Luck

Clouds were gathering fast and I could hear the faint thunder sound from the neighbouring woods. The large dining hall of Wildgrass Lodge was empty and and was appearing even darker than usual. While waiting for my last lunch of the trip, I took out my camera and started scanning the images from previous safaris. Few shots of... Continue Reading →

Into the hidden Valley of NEFA

There leeches can suck last drop of blood from your body, flying snakes carry diamond on their head, mosquitoes are bigger than birds and clouds are made from the smoking pipe of Yetis… I'm not quoting J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter; these were the stories about north-eastern states I grew-up listening throughout my childhood. And stories... Continue Reading →

Battle of Tusker and Unicorn

Bright sunny day after previous night's downpour illuminated the jungle with many shades of green. Only tall Kapok (Semal) trees alongside the road were whiter than green. Occasional wind was spreading its white fiber but was unable to overcome the glistening green color of the carpet beneath. May month in Kaziranga is considered beginning of... Continue Reading →

The last Ape…

Shrilling alarm call of a barking deer is quite an excitement when on a jeep safari but this can make you nervous when on foot. Some hullabaloo in the nearby bamboo patch and we started muttering, ‘could be a leopard or just a mongoose’...  Obviously I was not ready for such welcome!!! I was mainly looking... Continue Reading →

In search of Pheasants in Bhutan

My snow trekking trip in December was scrapped due to many reasons so another Himalayan trip was much coveted. I started to look for options and as I laid my requirements, Bhutan emerged as a rising star. Last year during Manas trip, I had brief introduction with Bhutan's pristine forest, cold eastern Himalayan weather and... Continue Reading →

Tiger Mating in Monsoon

After seeing a random post on a social networking site I came to know that Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve (TATR) management has decided to keep park open for tourist during monsoon with limited vehicle entry permit. I knew Tadoba never disappoints its visitors but during monsoon things will be different and chances of sighting will... Continue Reading →

“Bhigwan” – Bharatpur of Maharashtra

I have always been baffled by nature’s vibrant bio-diversity. Who can say a small place called ‘Bhigwan’ near Sholapur will be blessed with such a rich bird lives. Bhigwan, a hotbed of migratory birds is also known as ‘Bharatpur of Maharashtra’. And if you are among those who get goose-bump by hearing flamingos, herons, cranes ,... Continue Reading →

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