‘Serengeti of the East’ – Kaziranga National Park

“Kajironga Bor Dhuniya Ekurenai Tulona” an Asamese Bihu song, aptly describes the beauty of India’s best kept secret of North East. Famous among wild-lifers as 'Serengeti of the East', Kaziranga is hailed as India's greatest wildlife conservation success story. I first visited this park in 2011; it was a short family trip with no agenda... Continue Reading →


Tiger Mating in Monsoon

After seeing a random post on a social networking site I came to know that Tadoba Andhari Tiger Reserve (TATR) management has decided to keep park open for tourist during monsoon with limited vehicle entry permit. I knew Tadoba never disappoints its visitors but during monsoon things will be different and chances of sighting will... Continue Reading →

“Bhigwan” – Bharatpur of Maharashtra

I have always been baffled by nature’s vibrant bio-diversity. Who can say a small place called ‘Bhigwan’ near Sholapur will be blessed with such a rich bird lives. Bhigwan, a hotbed of migratory birds is also known as ‘Bharatpur of Maharashtra’. And if you are among those who get goose-bump by hearing flamingos, herons, cranes ,... Continue Reading →

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