Battle of Tusker and Unicorn

Bright sunny day after previous night's downpour illuminated the jungle with many shades of green. Only tall Kapok (Semal) trees alongside the road were whiter than green. Occasional wind was spreading its white fiber but was unable to overcome the glistening green color of the carpet beneath. May month in Kaziranga is considered beginning of... Continue Reading →


‘Serengeti of the East’ – Kaziranga National Park

“Kajironga Bor Dhuniya Ekurenai Tulona” an Asamese Bihu song, aptly describes the beauty of India’s best kept secret of North East. Famous among wild-lifers as 'Serengeti of the East', Kaziranga is hailed as India's greatest wildlife conservation success story. I first visited this park in 2011; it was a short family trip with no agenda... Continue Reading →

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